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Crisis Planning

FGC Crisis Planning Solutions: Plan ahead, starting today, to be prepared for a long-term care crisis.

Families often experience fear, and even guilt, when making life changing decisions for a loved one. At Feliciano Geriatric Care we can help relieve the anxiety. During the decision process the family will be reassured knowing they have someone to safeguard their best interests. We understand that good outcomes can only be derived from good decisions. Our care managers place you in a position to make good decisions that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Crisis Planning Individual

Individual: Billie Sue

  • 82 Year Old Female
  • Fall Risks
  • Mobility Issues
  • Requires Medication Management


  • Countable Assets: $150,000
  • Homestead: $100,000
  • Monthly Income (Social Security & Pension): $1,600
  • Cost of Care: $4,200

Homestead $100,000

  • Attorney records an Enhanced Life Estate Deed
  • This protects the home from Medicaid Estate Recovery and the home passes to heirs without the need for probate.
  • $100,000 HOME PROTECTED

Assets $150,000

  • Recommended a transfer of all assets out of the estate.
  • Apply for Medicaid and gain approval for prescriptions, doctors, and hospitals. Penalty Period of 20.35 months.
  • $97,000 PROTECTED



Crisis Planning Couples

Couple: Tony and Michelle Romo

  • Tony is 76 Years Old
  • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease


  • Countable Assets: $200,000
  • Homestead: $175,000
  • Monthly Income: $3,000
  • Cost of Care: $4,500

Homestead $175,000

  • Tony and Michelle we were able to protect virtually all of their income for Michelle at home.

Countable Assets $200,000

  • $100,000 set as the Spousal Protected Resource Amount
  • $100,000 used to fund a Medicaid Compliant Annuity payable over 2 years



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The impact of not planning for long term care now could be devastating for all. One of the best things you can do right now for you and your family is get legal, financial and care plans in place. Doing so allows you to participate in making decisions and ensures your family won't be forced to make them for you in a crisis situation.

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