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Estate Planning Seminar

Join us soon for our next Free Educational Seminar "Protect Your Money and Avoid Common Estate Planning Mistakes"

During this seminar class, experts cover estate planning essentials, living trusts, taxation law, and other important facets of planning your estate. PRESERVE what you've worked for, PROTECT your loved ones, and REDUCE the stress that accompanies the financial and healthcare challenges that come with change. You are cordially invited to attend a Free Educational Dinner Workshop for you and up to 3 guests. Admission is limited, so please reserve your seat today by calling 903-533-8585.

Estate Planning Educational Dinner Workshop

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The State can require an individual to spend everything down to below $2000 ($3000 for a couple) before any assistance is approved. Potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars could be spent on care and a person can be forced into poverty without proper steps being taken. It is very easy to make mistakes if you do not know the extent of all the rules for Medicaid. Financially devastating "spend downs" can be avoided with proper planning. Unless you specialize in this area of planning you should not attempt to do it yourself. There are even mistakes that you can make that will cause you to never become eligible for Medicaid ever if you are broke.

NEVER submit an application for Medicaid without having a specialist assist you. A simple check in the wrong box can cause your homestead or other assets to be at risk.

What is at risk is essentially everything a family has worked their entire lives to create including property, savings, investments, and their home.

Once you are in care it is NOT too late to plan and take steps to protect your estate. It is only too late once you have lost everything. Take action immediately!

Be sure your specialist is experienced in Medicaid Planning. Just because someone has experience in Senior or Elder Planning does not mean they know the intricacies of Medicaid. Make sure they actively assist in Medicaid Planning and have many years experience in this specific topic.

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"Protect Your Money" Estate Planning Seminar

Coming Soon! Our free educational seminar that can help you protect your money and avoid common estate planning mistakes. Admission is limited, so please reserve your seat today by calling 903-561-8641.